Gena, a Russian queer artist, expresses herself through outlandish costumes. Her public performances attract not only new followers but also aggression from passers-by.

A tall, thin figure in a white costume and high heels stands in the bleak icy landscape of Magadan, the site of a former Soviet gulag and a neglected harbour in the subarctic climate of the Russian Far East. Although in her costumes Gena blends in with the landscape, she’s seen as a thorn in the side of the locals. During her walks through town, she faces both verbal and physical attacks, which she patiently and graciously resists. When radio news announces the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gena sets out to protest in the streets of Moscow. She continues to spread her message through performance art and becomes the voice of the oppressed Russian LGBTQ+ community.

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About the film

Original Title
Original LanguageRussian
Subtitles Czech, English
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginFrance, USA
Length98 min.
Director Agniia Galdanova